Monday, October 11, 2010

An October Trip to Door County

Since the weather was supposed to be gorgeous and we hadn't managed to make it up at all this summer, we decided to take a day trip up to Door County yesterday. Apparently we weren't the only ones with this idea - it was packed!

Anyway, after our breakfast we hit the highway and made pretty good time. We stopped at our friendly Sturgeon Bay neighborhood Walgreens for a pit stop as we usually do. We picked up the cutest cat bed while we were there:

Carly hates it (as in she hisses at it when we show it to her. We guess she thinks it's another cat...) but the other guys have shown decent interest (after they figured out how to lay in it - they all had issues getting their whole body inside of it...):

Our next stop was the Hands On Art Studio in Fish Creek where they were having a fund raiser for the DC Humane Society.

We met Hazel, the cutest pot-bellied pig ever. She seriously made me consider replacing all the cats with pigs. Hey, pigs don't shed!

We fed her some cheerios and she snorted with glee. So adorable!

They had a petting/feeding zoo area that was by far my favorite part.

This alpaca had a serious attitude problem. It wouldn't come by the fence even when you had food in your hand.

The llama was a little friendlier.

And the goats, of course, were all over this feeding thing.

There were quite a few roosters, crowing and generally making a cacophony

I got slobbered on by a horse

And a goat

And Adam spooked the alpaca

Hmm, maybe this is why it avoided us...

Anyway, after checking the place out we decided we'd definitely try to come back next year sometime. There are all kind of neat projects but most of them required overnight processing and we weren't going to be coming back.

We made stops at the Door County Confectionery and Charlie's Smokehouse - two staples of any trip to Door County. We did not go to Washington Island this time and we avoided Egg Harbor altogether since both towns were having festivals of some kind that we wanted to stay clear of. We had lunch at the DC deli (very good!), stopped by Lautenbach's for some wine sampling and purchasing, got some apples and very cute gourds at a country farm market. Other than that we just spent some time enjoying the beautiful day and fall colors:

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