Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar 2012

Yikes, there are a lot of additional titles added to the list with Oscar nominations coming out this morning. I can't guarantee I'll watch them all (Harry Potter, Transformers, and Real Steel, I'm looking at you...) but we'll see. There are quite a few I'm actually looking forward to.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shortest Movie Reviews Ever

Moneyball: Boring.
The Ides of March: Depressing.
Rango: Boring-er.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hodge Podge

* We watched The Help last week. It was ok, I guess. I think I was distracted by Emma Stone's southern accent. It was an interesting film, but not one I'd probably watch again. Up to 7 on the done list. I plan to watch the Golden Globes tonight and see how they turn out.

* We ate Brussels sprouts for the first time ever this week. The verdict? Pretty good! I was kind of surprised because they look like baby cabbages, but don't taste like cabbage at all.

* I passed my seven-year service anniversary at work earlier this month. That seems like such a long time. Scarier than that? I still have emails from 2005 in my Outlook personal folders. We accountants keep everything!

* I yielded to peer pressure yesterday and got an iPhone. Between cancelling our land line and the convenience of being able to check email wherever I am, the Apple sirens were calling too loudly for me to ignore them any longer. So far I've gotten addicted to Fruit Ninja and discovered that that hyped up "Words With Friends" game is really just Scrabble. Scrabble, people! Ugh. I HATE Scrabble. Although I will mention that I still won when I played Adam yesterday. :)

* I'm currently making a mixed berry crisp in the crockpot, Adam made Flat Apple Pie earlier this afternoon, and I'll be making Brookies in just a few minutes. Yay for cold-weather dessert-making!

* But boo for snow. I was so hopeful that maybe it would miss us completely this year. 'Twas not to be.


Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 Movie List

So, let's talk about movies. I did terribly on watching the 2011 award nominees. Just awful.

Carly: You mean you're not going to finish your Oscar list from 2011?!?


Maybe I'll get back to them, but for now there's a brand new list! Golden Globe and SAG nominees are out already and Oscar noms will be out later this month. Woo!

We had a weekend full of movie watching. We saw a total of five movies (The Change Up, Midnight in Paris, Crazy, Stupid, Love, One Day, and The Beginners), three of which appear on the 2012 list. Go me!

My favorite was definitely Midnight in Paris. Perhaps I'm partial to movies that show great shots of the famous city. This was also a classic Woody Allen production where you'd need to watch it over and over to catch everything and take some art history classes in between viewings to appreciate all the homages. Just wonderful, Owen Wilson notwithstanding.

The Change Up was a stupid comedy with plenty of gross out jokes. Not much else to say about it, really.

Crazy, Stupid, Love was pretty good. Lots of intertwining plots that you didn't really see until the climax scene. And Steve Carrell managed to tone it down a bit. He's kind of like Adam Sandler - can't usually seem to escape the character hole he dug himself into to get his big break, but when he does it's amazing.

One Day was enjoyable. Once again, lots of great shots of Paris and the like. Slightly distracted by Anne's accent, although that may just be because it was made such a big deal of during the promotion of the film. Definitely not a comedy, but plenty of fun along the way.

The Beginners seemed kind of slow. Jumped around in time, used a "this is the sun, these are the stars, etc" kind of technique that I'm sure I saw before but can't quite place. It was ok, but not spectacular.

Thus far I'm six for 34. Let's hope I do better this time around.