Friday, September 05, 2003

September 2003

Thursday September 25, 2003

I wish I had someone who would take care of all the annoying things that one has to do in life. I would totally pay someone to take my car to get an oil change every 3,000 miles. I hate doing that. The whole concept of some guy under my car messing with stuff while I'm sitting there is freaky. (And, yes, I know I could just get out of the car while they're doing it, but that's too much work.) I would also just love to have someone do basically everything for my car except drive it. I hate cars. I know nothing about cars, nor do I have any desire to become educated in any way in that subject.
I need to marry a mechanic...or at least have a life-long affair with one...
Good plan, Martha. *pats self on back*
I also have this fear of creepy crawly things. Bugs in general, I'd say. I think it's more than just the normal, everyday "girly" thing. Tuesday morning, there was this icky thing crawling on the bathroom floor. Scared the hell out of me. I'd love to have someone on-site to kill bugs for me. A live in exterminator or something. Luckily, I had finished the bottle of shampoo in the shower and proceeded to club the bug to death. Smooshed it into the floor actually. So gross. Then I had to clean up the guts. Ewwwww. Now here comes the irrational part. For the rest of the time I was in that bathroom, not only could I feel the presence of the bug's ghost, but I was fully expecting an angry mob of his friends and family to swarm out and kill me. This is why I don't kill bugs.
So I guess I really need to marry a mechanic exterminator.
There are so many other things I'd like to just have someone else do for me. Like making hotel reservations or flight arrangements. How annoying are those things? I dislike doing them immensely. I have to fly down to Charleston in December and I'm not looking forward to having to buy tickets. Don't get the wrong idea - I ADORE flying. If I could go everywhere in an airplane, I would. I just hate the logistics of making reservations.
I also don't like going to the bank. Direct Deposit is awesome. Maybe it's just because the people over at the main branch of UWO CU hate me. I'm serious. I'm not really quite sure why. I did bitch the one lady out once, but they deserved it. I mean, they sent my debit card all the way out to NY to my mom's house. How does that make any sense when my permanent address is in Oshkosh? apparently they can't send the debit card to a PO Box, but they can send the credit card there. Makes sense to me. Idiots...They kept changing my address without my knowing about it. Very annoying. It also happened to be around the same time my "guy" took off on me and my mother put my dog to sleep and I had to move out to Neenah. I was an emotional wreck and therefore probably didn't go about it in the best way, but oh well. I'm a redhead. I get to blow up every once in a while. Have to live up to my temper expectations.
I generally avoid doing all these above things until I absolutely have to. Yeah, my tailight has been burned out for over a year. The last time I changed my oil was back in probably April. Sigh.
Well, it's been almost a month since the crap went down. I can't say I'm really too sorry about what happened. I do miss certain things, but overall I think my life is a lot less stressful and I'm generally a happier person. Considering my usual level of happiness, that's not really saying much though. Still not too impressed with men. I'm kinda tired of the "I like redheads, you're hot" line. BORING. Plus, it's a lie. I'm not stupid.

Tuesday September 23, 2003

I feel like crap. My body is rebelling. How rude. Sure, I pigged out on McDonald's last night and it probably didn't appreciate that, but who cares? Grrrrr. Still nothing much going on in life is contently boring. As much as I may complain to everyone all the time about how I never do anything and people hate me, I'm really ok with that. I'd much rather sit at home and watch TV then go to a stupid, loud concert or have stupid, retarded conversations with mental deficients. I have chatrooms for that, and I don't even have to leave my room!
I somewhat, maybe, half-heartedly and not really too sincerely apologize for my behavior in the last week or so. PMS really messed with you. It's tons of fun for me, of course, but has the tendency to catch other people off guard. Yeah, I'm horny all the time. It happens. But just because I say I want to get laid doesn't mean I have any intention of that actually happening. I'm pretty happy with my quasi-celibate state. Guys just cause way too many problems so that most the time, it's not worth it.
Wednesday September 17, 2003So. I really have nothing to say. I don't know quite why I'm even bothering to type this now...not even really boredom. Maybe it's just because I've found myself alone at work. Everyone else has gone home. Not that I have nothing to do. There are many things I should be doing here right now. But I'm not doing them. Couldn't tell ya why either. I want to go home, but I guess I've got another 10 minutes in order to get my 4 hours in. Although, since no one else is here, no one would notice if I left early. It's just the principal though I guess. Sigh. I have lots to do tonight. I want to get some of the homework out of the way so I have less to do this weekend. Not that I'd do it anyway...Argh.

Tuesday September 16, 2003

So, I'm skipping class right now. I just couldn't bring myself to go onto campus today. I have a headache and I think I pinched a nerve somewhere in my ass because my whole left leg hurts. I opted to stay here and do some other homework. No really. I'm serious. I've done my finance problems and I fully intend to read some Government crap. Ucky. I'd actually just like to take a nap. I got a decent amount of sleep last night (6 hours or so) but I still am tired. Yawn.
Ok. In all honesty, I'm kind of horny right now, and in case you haven't noticed, have been for a little while now. I'm actually skipping class in the hope that I'll find some guy who will come over and mess with me. Not working too well though. Darn...

Monday September 15, 2003

Woo! Long time, no write. That's because I'm busy! Duh... This whole internet thing is addicting. I spent most of my weekend doing nothing. I mean, chatting online. Same thing, right? LoL. So anyway, let's do a little recap, shall we?
Classes still suck. Hasn't improved at all in the last 2 weeks. I think it may have actually gotten worse. I don't know how this happened, but I ended up with all of my professors being "old" men. Ugh. Why? I'd even take women over old guys. And unfortunately, some of them think it's funny to constantly use their age as an excuse for stupidity. Also, a few of them think they're funny, but they're really being assholes. And that's just annoying. It's going to be a long semester. Yay.
Work is the same as always. Inventory time over at K-Mart. The scheduling there has been kind of messed up lately, but whatever. I'm still employed, so I won't complain. My class schedule doesn't make any of it too convenient. Stupid Business French. Speaking of French, the first French Club meeting is a week from today. We'll have to see how many people show up this semester. Can't be much worse then the last, uhm, 3...people suck.
Hmmm. What else? I had quite a few wild times in the last weeks. This prompted me to go to Wal-Mart and buy a whole gallon of big dill pickles. Check it out:

That should keep me busy for awhile.
Ok, in all reality, that had nothing to do with anything. I just wanted to show all of you my HUGE pickles. More on the cam later, I'm sure.

Wednesday September 3, 2003

Yawn. 8:00 classes are just wrong. Must have been a man who came up with that idea...(ooh, trash talking already. Ya know it's gonna be a good day.) I've had only one class so far and I have this feeling it's going to be a very long semester. The professor thinks he's being witty and fun, but I see him as more of a prick. Great. I just hate people who think they're funny, but really are just assholes. Oh well. At least the class doesn't appear to be difficult. I'll just have to curb my sarcasm as much as possible when doing the assignments.
FYI everyone - I work for a damn good company. Reynolds/Presto Products were voted "best in class" by PLBuyer magazine. Woo! Read about it here.
So, besides being very tired, having no time to do anything and having the feeling that this semester is going to suck, things are good. I have a hot date tonight, so that's pretty cool. LoL. Granted, this hot date is with a guy I work with at K-Mart. He wants me to teach him how to use his computer. :-) Since I've been using computers practically since birth and I sit in front of one for hours every day, I think I'll do a decent job. I rock.
I think that's about all I have to say right now. I plan to post some new pics this evening, if I get around to it. Maybe some nekkid ones...

Tuesday September 2, 2003

Good God. The insanity that I sometimes call my life continues. This weekend was interesting, to say the least. I might as well start with late Thursday night since that explains some of my other actions throughout the weekend. Those that can be explained at all, anyways. So, Thursday night, perhaps early Friday morning, I sent that lengthy e-mail to John. (BTW, have heard absolutely nothing since I sent it. Is that a good sign or a bad sign...) Spent all day Friday at work, just kinda zoned out. Between being tired and just not being in the greatest of moods, I probably didn't accomplish much. I really don't even remember. In any case, I came home and starting drinking the minute I stepped in the door. I was passed out by about 8:30 PM. I do good.
So I woke up Saturday morning around 8. I proceeded to eat bad food and watch the Dawson's Creek series finale, which I had taped back in June or whenever. Not the greatest thing to watch when you're all depressed in the first place. Needless to say, I spent a few hours bawling and had a hard time taking a shower. Then it was off to K-Mart for the evening. I didn't do too well there either, but I survived even though I was all alone on the floor after 6. Came home and went to sleep.
Now here's where it gets interesting.
Sunday, I worked 9-5 and once again I was alone on the floor until 1:30. Fun, fun. David showed up around 4:45 (or at least that's when I noticed him there.) :-) He was all mysterious about going to get some iced tea and informed me that he'd be back at 5. I have to admit, I was kinda suspicious...but, whatever. I punched out as early as I could and went and bought our microwave. (Sweet.) David showed up again right before I left the parking lot. We got back to the apartment, where he presented me with a rose and a big Hershey bar. Awwwww. I think he wanted to show me that all guys are not scum. He did a pretty good job. (More on that later... tee hee.)
So, we hung out for awhile and then decided we were hungry. We got a DiGiorno pizza. They're pretty yummy. Then we proceeded to start drinking. And drink we did...Meanwhile, I was online chatting with people. One of the guys I had met a little while earlier was completely trashed and suggested that he come over and hang out with me. He was slighty disappointed when I informed him that I already had a guy over here. I suggested that he come over anyway. Hey, I'm not going to complain about having 2 guys instead of 1. In all honesty, I didn't expect him to go for that. I also didn't expect him to remember where I lived. He surprised me on both counts and showed up at my door a little bit later.
So, I ended up with two guys, both slightly drunk, as was I, in my room. Hmmm. What to do...
Cory got slightly annoyed that I was continuing to chat with people online when he was there. So I turned the computer screen off and plopped down on the bed.
So, just in case you've missed anything thus far, at this point it was drunken me and two drunken guys, laying on my bed...
I think you see where this is going...
Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as they could have. One of the guys was just too far gone before he even got here that he was really not of much use. He ended up passing out and falling off the bed. That was good for quite a laugh and I'm still snickering as I write it now. But luckily he didn't pass out before I could get them all naked and have a little fun with them. Since the one guy was just dead to the world, that left the other one and me to entertain ourselves. We went to sleep around 5:30 or so. Didn't sleep much though because the drunk guy snored and then started talking in his sleep.
So, he woke up around 10, suggested we pick up where he apparently thought we had stopped (well, where HE had stopped, or remembered stopping.) We just kinda laughed at him and he decided to leave. Made a ceremoniously great deal out of getting dressed...Some people's children...So that left David and me alone again. We spent the rest of the day doing nothing. Ok, so I was watching episode after episode of "Law & Order" and David was giving me evil looks of boredom. Hey, I told him to just entertain himself by looking at my boobs but he didn't seem to go for that. Men. They're never happy. And I even cooked lunch...
Whew. So David left out of boredom (and his cat) around 5 or so. And there ended my totally eventful weekend. I went to sleep early and woke up this morning all fresh and renewed. Or not. But it's ok.
I have to admit, I did think about John every once in a while. But not as much as I expected to. Although I was apparently otherwise occupied quite a bit, I guess. I truly didn't expect to hear from him after I sent him the letter anyway. I always have that thread of optimism that says "Maybe he'll surprise you." Hasn't happened yet and it didn't happen this time. Yup. Predictable. So, I guess I'll have to just see if anything else goes on with that or not. Right now I'm focusing on my classes, which start tomorrow. And work, which I should be doing right now. :-)