Sunday, May 26, 2013

Home Ownership - Year 6

As the date of the anniversary of our closing approaches, it's time once again to reflect back on what another year of home ownership has gotten us. This year really wasn't too bad. As I dumped the data from our Microsoft Money file, I was a little surprised at the relatively few big hits we had. It seems like every year something goes wrong that requires fixing. Year Six was no exception - the bathtub is the hall bathroom cracked and we had to replace the entire thing along with fixing a (related) leak in the basement. We also had some more flooding in the basement with the spring melt that required attention. But aside from that, nothing we spent money on was really a reaction to a catastrophic event. So that's good!

Here's a run-down of the big hitters this year:

New bathtub and surround in hall bathroom
(Acrylic with a surround that goes all the way to the ceiling)

Replaced Snow blower
(an Ariens)

Basement crack repair

We also took down a tree in the backyard at the request of our neighbor, replaced our flagpole after it was bent in a windstorm, replaced our memory foam mattress topper (it was time...), replaced the humidifier we use in the bedroom during the winter with one that didn't require a filter, and had a company come to spray for pests/spiders TWICE. Everything else household related was relatively small or just normal consumables. Not too shabby. If all goes according to plan, this time next year we should be in the middle of a deck demolition/patio building project!