Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today the Oscar nominations are out for the 2008 ceremony (if there ends up being one.) In any case, I figured I could get a head start this year and I might be able to actually finish the list. Once again I’ve excluded a few categories: foreign, short, and documentary. Here’s the list for everything else:

3:10 to Yuma
Across the Universe
American Gangster
Assassination of Jesse James, The
August Rush
Away From Her
Bourne Ultimatum, The
Charlie Wilson's War
Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The
Eastern Promises
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Golden Compass, The
Gone Baby Gone
I'm Not There
In the Valley of Elah
Into the Wild
Kite Runner, The
La Vie en Rose
Lars and the Real Girl
Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Savages, The
Surf's Up
Sweeney Tood
There Will Be Blood

Not too bad. A total of 34, 5 of which I’ve already seen (in red). There seems to be a nice variety too - some westerns, action, drama, and a musical or two. Granted there are a few I’ve never heard of, but I’ll do my best with the help of Blockbuster Total Access to get through the list this year.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another week gone without a trace...

Seriously, it’s Wednesday and I’ve already pretty much forgotten what we did this past weekend. I don’t know if it’s the combination of the onset of yet another cold and the ridiculous amount of stuff that they keep throwing my way at work, or if I just need to start taking an Omega 3 supplement or something to help with my memory. Anyway, as far as I can remember, Friday night was uneventful. We ate dinner, watched some TV.

Saturday morning we got some shopping in before heading back home for basketball and football. I had the great idea of doing some additional shopping of my own during the Packer game since I figured the stores would be kind of quiet. In case you didn’t happen to catch the game, it was snowing the entire time. Hard. On my way up to Appleton I saw three cars in the ditch on the northbound side and there was a nine car accident on the southbound side. Yikes. So, not the best idea I’ve had lately. Anyway, I went where I needed to go and went home via CB rather than the highway. Thankfully I made it home unscathed. Adam grilled out some brats for dinner and the rest of the evening was more football and DVR catch-up.

On Sunday Adam went up to Menards and got fiberglass insulation for the basement. I helped a little with cutting it but he was on his own to staple it up. I watched some more “Dawson’s Creek” while he was downstairs. Luckily the staple gun is nowhere near as loud as those gunshots from last weekend! When he was done down there he came upstairs to watch the Dallas game. I went into the bedroom to watch Fat Girl, the movie that had been sitting in its Blockbuster Total Access package for about a week. Strange, strange movie. I made the chicken that we both like so much for dinner along with these new Green Giant bites. Then we watched "Family Guy" and fell asleep pretty early.

Monday was back to work. Handbell practice resumed after a little break during the New Year’s time period. Easter is pretty early this year so we have to jump in feet first on that music. We also did a great car swap so that I could get my car in for its 30,000 mile check-up. Since Adam’s dad works over at Kolosso Toyota I took Adam’s car, he took his dad’s and his dad drove mine to work for my afternoon appointment. It worked out nicely. They replaced my squealing serpentine belt, took a screw out of my tire and patched the hole it left (ack!) and made sure everything else was peachy keen. I wanted to get this in before my warranty lapsed, and that’s coming up pretty soon. It will be three years at the end of February and the car will be my, fair and square, by mid-March. Woo!

Last night was IMA. It was a pretty small crowd. We had some trouble with our newsletter this month so I think I’ll attribute the poor attendance to that. And, well, the meeting was out in Winneconne. Not the most central of locations. It was a great meal though and the staff at the Fin-n-Feather is always super easy to work with. The speakers were good and I got lots of good information about potential energy saving ideas.

Tonight the county assessor should be stopping at the house to take a tour. Hopefully. I haven’t gotten a call cancelling it yet, but we’ll see. After that apparently Adam and his dad are going to make their second trip to haul drywall (their first happened last night while I was at IMA.) Unfortunately it’s supposed to snow tonight and not stop until next week so they’ll have to hustle. I’m not sure when they plan to hang it all, but the room in the basement is slowly taking shape.

Oh yeah. I just remembered I totally forgot to elaborate on that “more on that later” from the last post. Whoops. Anyway, a few weeks ago Adam decided he wanted to start framing in his workshop down in the basement. So his dad came over and they took measurements. He made a blueprint-looking drawing of his plan, calculated how much of each material he’d need, and called around for pricing. They went and got all the wood a couple weekends ago. Then they framed the walls with that obscenely loud hammer gun thing. During the week Adam finished up the wiring and installed all kinds of lights. This past weekend he put up the insulation on the inside walls. Looks like this coming weekend will be drywall. After that, I’m not sure what the plan is. I know he’s still looking around for the best deal for doors. He just plans to paint it a “builder beige” and I don’t know what else he has planned. It’s totally his thing. I’ve tried to just stay out of the way, coming downstairs with a camera when he yells up at me to do so. Speaking of which, pictures can be found here. After he’s done he’ll just have to get some tools to put in it. :)

My plans for the rest of the week mostly involve cleaning (many things), cuddling (with whomever will cuddle with me), and taking naps. It’s 9am and I could definitely use one right now.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm Back from the Evil Land of The Year-End Close

I kind of got slammed by year-end at work so perhaps that can explain my dropping off the face of the earth for the last two weeks or so. I was finally able to move on to January yesterday. Ah, to be back at Presto with the 8-hour close… *sigh*

Anywho, given that I’ve spent most of my waking hours contemplating inventory valuations, it’s a good thing that not much else has been going on. New Year’s Eve I had planned to work late and try to get a leg up on the day two estimate. That plan was shot when HR told everyone to go home at 3:30. Oh well. So I went home. We didn’t have any plans for celebrating the beginning of 2008 so that’s what we did - nothing. We were both asleep by 10. New Year’s Day was a holiday and aside from a fruitful shopping trip to Walmart (we got our twinkling icicle lights for next year really cheap!) I don’t remember doing much.

Then it was back to work with a few “going in early” days and even one “staying late” day (I try to avoid those – I’m much more a morning person.) I also worked about 5 hours last Saturday. The thrills of accountancy at year-end… The bells played at the 4:30 mass on Saturday night and then we had a wedding reception to go to. Except we didn’t make it out there. Adam and his dad spent all day Saturday down in the basement framing walls for Adam’s workshop (more on that later) so by the time 7:30 came around all Adam wanted to do was sit on the couch with his massaging seat cushion. Which was just fine with me. My brain hurt. Sunday was another day of them working in the basement, setting off gunshots to get nails into the concrete. I did what I could to get out of the house with shopping and the like. I eventually ended up trying to watch some of my “Dawson’s Creek” over the racket and had to resort to putting the captions on. They called it a night earlier than the day before and after his dad left we spent the rest of the evening catching up on some DVR shows.

Monday was the handbells Christmas party. I ended up not going for the dinner part, but I did meet them at the theater to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. As a side note, the reason this was our chosen activity is because we played “The Chipmunk Song” last year at our various programs and it’s a favorite of many of the ladies. Anyway, under normal circumstances I would have probably found this movie to be kind of stupid. But I guess I was with the right crowd to appreciate the stupidity of it. It’s a cute film, but nothing special.

Tuesday was pretty boring. On Wednesday someone from the county assessor’s office was supposed to stop by the house to look it over but she kept changing her mind on me. As of now she’s supposed to come next Wednesday but we’ll see. Adam made dinner – mini hamburgers on the grill – and not much else happened.

Last night was another uneventful evening. Once again we’re trying to play catch-up with the DVR. I’m just looking forward to being able to use Excel’s great “default to the current year” feature again. It’s so obnoxious having to type 12/31/2007 all the time so it doesn’t make it 2008.

As boring as things seem, it appears as though it might remain like this for awhile. Even though with the new year comes a whole new batch of vacation days, I don’t really have any planned use for them except for two Fridays for our annual camping trips in the Dells/Door County. Adam will be off in California the first week of February but I’ll be left behind for that. After last year’s ridiculous amount of hullabaloo for various reasons this year seems kind of dull. But I think I’ll be ok with it. It will give us time to do some much needed cleaning around the house and the like. Throughout the wedding and aftermath I just kind of shoved things into the closets in the two pet rooms and now I fear opening them back up to see what kind of evil lurks within. That might be my task for when Adam’s out of town. I still haven’t decided what to do with my wedding dress. *sigh*

Anywho, the weekend is completely blank on my calendar and my to-do list is mostly little things. I don’t know what Adam plans to do in the basement, if anything, so that might determine how my time is spent as well. I’m looking forward to making the second batch of ice cream either tonight or tomorrow. This one will be raspberry ice cream. Yum. Hopefully it’s not as rich as my first try. Otherwise I might have to start looking into the frozen yogurts (or ice milk… whatever happened to ice milk?) instead.