Saturday, June 05, 2004

June 2004

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Ok people. I'll be in Sheboygan on July 5th. That's Monday. I have the WHOLE DAY off! Wow. So, if you want to join in the (drunken) fun, let me know. Their fireworks are Monday night around 9:30PM and I plan to stay for those too. Not sure what's going to be going on during the day yet. Perhaps some lazing around on the beach. We'll see. I also take suggestions (and donations ;) ) I also plan to go to the fireworks up here in Oshkosh, which are on the 3rd at Menominee Park. If you want to accompany me there also, let me know. Woo...I don't even like this country, but I figured if I have a day off, I might as well live it up. Any excuse to drink, actually. Heh.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Headache. I’m tired. I don’t know why. I have been sleeping a lot better than usual. Sigh. I think I’m PMS-ing because I’m so hungry. But hungry for bad things. Plus, I was hella horny last week…so perhaps I was just ovulating. This week, I’m not really on the prowl. Which is good. Since I never get any anyway.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I feel icky. I’ve felt icky all day. This is what happens when I sleep too much I guess. I turned the TV off before “Futurama” was finished last night, and unlike the previous few…weeks…I didn’t wake up at 5am. I woke up at 5:45. Woo. But I’ve just felt like crap all day. And I get to go work at K-mart tonight too. Woo. The fun never stops! I just want to go home and sleep. Although maybe not. At this point, I don’t really want to be there any more than necessary. Everything annoys me now. I think maybe my blood sugar is low. I haven’t been eating much sweet stuff lately. Dunno. I’m no health expert. I get to go home in 10 minutes though, so it’s ok. Well. I get to go home for about 15 minutes. Stupid K-mart can’t schedule me right if its life depended on it. LoL. Can I get anything decent from Burger King for $4? The McDonalds on College Ave is in the midst of all kinds of nasty construction so I really don’t want to try and brave that. Or perhaps I should just wait and eat something healthy quickly before I head to work. Hm…

Friday, June 18, 2004

It’s payday today. Doesn’t really make a difference though. I have to pay bills that I’ve been putting off. Woo. I’m hoping perhaps I’ll have a little bit to buy some food. I bought a jar of peanut butter last week and that’s basically all I’ve been eating. PB is good and all, but after awhile, it just gets gross. It doesn’t help that my roommate owes me over $60 for electric bills yet she keeps on going out all over buying shit. That’s just annoying. Kind of rude too, actually. Oh well.
I’m considering starting a new page. This one will be like a “sex log.” I’m not sure it will be that great of a page since I haven’t been getting much action lately. The reason I suggest this is because lately I’ve had some guys do weird things and I’d like to comment on them. For the good of the entire male gender actually. Offer some insight into what I (and most likely, other females) want and think. I think it would be beneficial. Just as with my “stories” page, I wouldn’t use names, but this would be much more basic of a page. Not just interesting things. Normal things too. Although I’m not sure how much I want to be telling the whole world. Heh. I guess I need to take into consideration how many people actually read this though. Not many…and those who do probably don’t care. But I think it might be a good resource anyway…someday…if I ever get myself a boyfriend.
I’m not sure what to expect tonight. John knows I don’t work and I had already informed him that I’d like to spend some time with him. His track record doesn’t say much for him though. I’m not going to call him, so the only way I’ll go over there is if he comes online I guess. Maybe I’ll spend money I don’t have on alcohol. Yay, alcohol!
I’m really liking the “Sex in the City” thing on TBS. It’s an excellent show. I’m disappointed I didn’t have HBO while it was on. I might have to buy the DVDs. It’s so funny, yet very true. I’ve never really like Sarah Jessica Parker too much, but “Brooke” from “Melrose Place” is on there, so it’s all good.

Monday, June 14, 2004 - - - Happy Flag Day!

I’m taking donations. Heh. Money, food, whatever. Life is rough.
Anyhoo, so Friday sucked major ass. So much rain, flash floods, and the like. The street in front of my house got turned into a river. Pics are in the photo album. I got soaked trying to get home. I had to park down the block at Ponderosa and walk back to my apartment. Water up to my knees. Argh. Then I had to walk back later on so I could go to work. By that time, the water had receded for the most part. It rained again on Sunday, but no flooding that time. It’s also supposed to rain throughout this week. How much rain do we need?!? Geesh.
So, Saturday I went down to Sheboygan for a few hours to hang out with Jess. Trisha decided she’d rather sleep than be with us. Pfft. Loser. : ) We watched Anger Management and ate some Papa Murphy’s pizza. The movie was pretty funny. The pizza was ok. That was the first time I’d had a Papa Murphy’s pizza. Interesting. Perhaps I should check if there’s one around here. Then we dropped Dakota (her son) off with his dad and went to a bar. I didn’t know a single person there, which is kind of weird. I’m not sure how I should feel about that. She knew a few people and we got some free booze. Heh. She also got some ugly guy hitting on her, which I thought was pretty funny. We didn’t stay too late since I had to get back home. Which I did. I hate driving. It was hella foggy and people just can’t drive at all. And what is up with the stoplights on Johnson St. in Fondy? I mean, do they ALL have to turn red right as you get there? There are probably 12 lights and I had to stop at every one. How annoying is that!?!
So then I had to work again yesterday. It’s weird. My manager had me setting ads and redoing walls and stuff the department heads generally do. He was going through all this regulation stuff with me. Like I care? I’m not really interested in what corporate says needs to be done with ad signing and stuff like that. I only set it when the department heads don’t. And I don’t plan to work at K-mart forever, so I don’t really care about it either. But I still have to sit and listen to him talk to me about it. Argh. Most the time, I just want to hide somewhere. I hung out over in infants for awhile, trying to find missing pants. It’s obnoxious. Most infant clothes are sets…a shirt and matching pants. For some reason, one piece always seems to disappear. Either that or the two pieces on a particular hanger will be different sizes. Yeah idiots, you thought you were sneaky and we wouldn’t notice? Give me a break. You’re just a pain in the ass. If I ever see someone switching two sizes, I’m going to go after them with my box cutter.
Really, I’m in quite a good mood today. Even though Justin bailed on me again. I wasn’t too surprised though. Sorry, Justin, you don’t really have that great of a track record. Although neither does anyone else…So Paul came over instead. Now, this guy confuses me. We’ll chat online and he’ll say how he can’t go have random sex because he’d feel guilty about it. Yet, he comes over to my apartment and gropes at me… I don’t get it. Maybe someone else out there can explain it to me. I think perhaps I disappointed or annoyed him, but I wasn’t about to encourage him and have him being all sorry and shitty feeling later. I mean, I’m a good friend and all, but I don’t want to perpetuate any kind of evil cycle.
Hey Brian…get over your cold dammit.
Everyone seems to be getting sick. I hope it passes over me. I don’t really want to get a cold or bronchitis or whatever people have these days.
Oh yeah, I have a decent schedule this weekend, so if anyone wants to do anything on Friday night, let me know. I’ll be able to stay out to a decent hour since I don’t have to be to work until 3 on Saturday. Granted, I’ll have no money so the things to do are limited. But whatever.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I think I’ve been watching too much Law & Order. I’ve been having odd dreams lately. Last night (or rather, this morning, I guess) I had a weird one. It’s even weirder because I kind of remember what happened in it. Here goes:
I was walking down S. 17th Street in Sheboygan. That’s the street I lived on when I lived with my mom. There’s this bakery near the corner of Pennsylvania and 17th (I think, I suck at street names.) I pass by that and continue walking down the street. Then I’m way up the street by my mother’s store. But the place two doors down from hers is no longer an empty building of crap with tombstones in the front, but now it’s a Chinese restaurant. I go into the restaurant. Apparently it was morning, because they were serving “Chinese-style” omelets. (Don’t ask me, I have no clue.) I sat down and then the maitre-d’ came out and started explaining (in broken English) how the cook used a special process to seal in the most flavor. Then I noticed that some guy was staring at me. He was giving me quite the evil look. I guess this creeped me out because I got up and walked out of the restaurant. He followed me. As I walked through the door, I noticed there was a hearse parked in front of the building. For some reason, I could see all the way through it and there was the body in a tan bag with police tape all around it. The guy who had followed me went and somehow got the body out of the hearse. It was thrown on the ground and the top part of the bag opened up, revealing the head of some dead guy. I started walking back down the street. The guy followed me, yelling at me. Something about how could I have hurt her so bad. He had known all along I was no good. I had apparently killed some female he knew. His sister, wife, mother, who knows. He didn’t say. And now he wanted to kill me. It was about this time that I noticed that in this dream, I wasn’t really “me.” I was middle-age male. That was weird. Then the other guy says he has to kill me on the count of three. He counts one, two, three, and pushes me towards an oncoming car, but then pulls me back before it hits me. He laughs maniacally. He explains that that was just a test. He counts to three again, pushes me, and then I woke up.
Whenever I have particularly odd or vivid dreams, I try to figure out where they came from, since dreams are just the inner workings of your subconscious. This is what I’ve come up with. Let me know if you have any insights.
1. The aforementioned overdose of L&O helps out with dead bodies and menacing guys.2. The whole Reagan thing all of the news probably has something to do with dead bodies too…3. I’m planning on going to Sheboygan this weekend, so that explains the setting.4. I haven’t been eating much lately. I can’t afford food. So I’m guessing the bakery moment and the Chinese restaurant were hunger induced. Although, there were doughnuts at work the other day, so maybe that was it.5. The Chinese omelets get blamed on “Roseanne.” There was an episode on yesterday where they start serving breakfast at their cafĂ© place. 6. That whole speech from the maitre-d’ was probably inspired by all the Food Network shows I watch. Either that or that Gerber baby food commercial about their nature lock process.
I can’t explain why I was a middle-aged man. I also can’t explain why I would have killed some female. There must be some deeper meaning in that.
Anywho, the weather has been crappy lately. Right now I’m sitting at work, looking at the dark skies and hoping it doesn’t rain until I get home. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. “Summer” has been really boring thus far, so if anyone has things to do, let me know. I’m going crazy (er?) Although I suppose there are a lot of factors going into my insanity.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

I will be in Sheboygan around 6:30PM on Saturday night. If you want to meet up with me around that area, let me know by Saturday morning :). I plan on hanging around there for a few hours (depending on who's there and what we do...since I have no money, heh) and then I'll be heading back to Oshkosh.
It is damn hot here. Had to turn on the AC when I got back from work tonight. It was too humid in here. Starting to smell funky, although that might just be the dishes. It's been too hot to do them too. :) Tomorrow... Other than that, I've really not got much to say.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

Men constantly frustrate me. Grrrr. Anyway, nothing much is going on so I'm not quite sure why I'm even typing this. Interim is done tomorrow and then it's back to working full time at Presto and more hours at K-Mart. Fun. Can't wait. Jess had her baby, so if any of you are by Sheboygan, I'll be stopping on down there at some point in the near future. Let me know if you want me to get in touch with you. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Sigh. I added a new page to the site this afternoon. I've gotten depressed with being alone for so long. It's a "What I Want in a Man" page, so all you men take a look and become what I want. :) Other than that, not much is going on. Class, work. Headaches. Argh. I'm tired. I think I'll go to bed.