Monday, January 05, 2004

January 2004

Saturday January 31, 2004

Blah. Life is so boring. This past week, I've done absolutely nothing. I've been at work all day and then I come home and sit here doing nothing all evening. It's so sad. The semester starts Monday. I bought my books this morning. Not too bad...only $128. I'm going to drop my International Marketing class. Since I'm dropping that minor anyway, why waste my time (and money on a $110 book) on a class I have no interest in. This way, I'll be done with classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm. Since I won't be working weeknights at K-mart this semester either, this makes a WHOLE HELLA LOT MORE FREE TIME to sit and do nothing. Yay!
So, people. What does this mean for you. This means I'll be available to hang out and be generally sociable for a lot more time than EVER BEFORE. I have a night class on Monday, but that's it. Tuesday through Friday nights I have completely off. Woo! Of course, there will be homework. I only have 4 classes during the 14 weeks though, so it shouldn't be overbearing. :) I'm really looking forward to a calmer life.

I don't even know what day it it Wednesday? Oh yeah, there it is...Wednesday January 21, 2004

Obviously I'm doing well...I swear today is Thursday, yet all day yesterday I thought it was Monday. That just goes to show you how my week has been going. Last week, I had a rabbit decide to take up residence in my engine for a while. I kid you not.

That stupid rabbit cost me $150 on Monday. And it also gave the nice people over at Saturn the opportunity to find another $500-ish of problems. Lovely. So there go my books for this next don't need books to go to school...noooo...
Then on Tuesday, I got a letter from my bank informing me that my credit card account may have been "compromised" and they had closed my account. No wonder it didn't work at the gas station...How annoying. They say they're sending me a new card, but we'll see...
On the way to work this afternoon, there were 3 areas where traffic had come to a complete standstill. This is in about 25 miles of highway on 41 northbound. THREE TIMES! The roads didn't seem too bad to me, but apparently no one around here can drive. People were crashing into medians and getting sideswiped by semis. Argh. And on the way home, there was a blinding whiteout for about 5 minutes. I love Wisconsin...
Only two more days of my interim class left. Thank the lord...what a boring class. Then I have a week of before the spring semester starts. What fun. I just want to lay in bed for about a week straight and do absolutely nothing. Not likely, but it's a nice though.

Friday January 2, 2004

Happy New Year and all that crap. How stupid. I hate holidays. I’m sitting here at work, waiting for the numbers for year-end to be finalized. Fun, fun.
I think my boobs are really being distractive today. It must be the bra I’m wearing or something, but they just keep appearing in my peripheral vision and it’s driving me nuts. Not that anyone reading this (that is assuming people read this in the first place) can understand this situation since you’re probably a guy… girls just don’t like me much.
I was asked about a threesome with a girl the other day. No one in particular in mind. The guy was just kind of feeling out my thoughts on the subject. What is it with you people!?!?! Aren’t I enough? Damn, boys. How rude. :D
And speaking of being enough…sigh…so I had a visitor yesterday afternoon. Quite nice I must say. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any kind of fun, if you know what I mean. It’s horrible though because I know I should not continue in this direction. But I can’t help it. Why does he have to be so adorable? Grrrr. If I weren’t so damned attracted to him, it would be a whole lot easier to move on and get a life. Unfortunately, that’s not how it is. He walks in the door and I immediately want to get naked and do nasty things. Argh.
Not that that’s all we do. We had a very nice, long conversation yesterday. We get along quite well in general, although he has now requested that I no longer refer to him as "dork" but as "semi-dork." I personally don’t see a difference... I just really don’t know what to do about it right now, so I’m just gonna take it as it comes. I enjoy his company (for many reasons) and as long as I can not overreact or get too deep in this time, it should be ok.
Ok, we all know that’s a load of cow poop…but what can you do…I see no problem having a little fun for a bit until it blows up in my face again. I think the amount of pleasure I get from it equals the amount of pain it will ultimately cause. Right? Sure…
So, my interim class starts on Monday. MIS. Woo. I’ve taught classes about the subject matter so I really don’t see the value of me taking this class, but whatever. More wasted time and money. What else is new? I’m just so tired. I’m hoping maybe I’ll be able to sleep through most of the class. I’ve been working non-stop it seems. I do have tonight off (since it’s Friday) but I’ll be working both jobs tomorrow. I somehow have Monday and Tuesday nights off too. Weird. Hours have been cut a little bit at K-Mart, but that’s ok.
Stupid boobs…they’re just sitting there saying “Touch me, touch me. You know you want to…” grrr. It’s like they’re levitating.
Hey everyone. I didn’t drink at all on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s. Why, you might ask…cuz I’m freakin’ POOR people. Plus, I had enough alcohol last weekend to last me for a while. While bar-hopping in downtown Charleston with a group of my brother’s Microsoft friends (and that’s a whole other story in and of itself), I had a hella lot of alcohol. That doesn’t even take into account the stuff I had at the reception before that. Tee hee. Apparently just standing around in a skirt at a bar gets you lots of free drinks. Especially if your hands are empty when someone looks at you. Sucessful computer nerds are wonderful people. And very liberal with cash too.