Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oscar Update

I've finally updated my sidebar there. It's been a rough few weeks for movies. We had the Transformers movie on the end table for like two weeks. We just couldn't bring ourselves to watch it so we finally just returned it. Recent views include The Young Victoria (good), Paris 36 (great - like a combination of Mrs. Henderson Presents and a really toned down Moulin Rouge), Up in the Air (ok, never really been a Clooney fan, but I liked Anna Kendrick), and Precious (eh, ok, but not what I expected with all the Oprah-endorsed hullabaloo it generated.)

A lot of the movies on the list recently came out on DVD so I'm hoping to knock through them going forward.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dentist Days

I had my first dental appoinment in about ten years on April 13th. At 7am. Yay for mornings. It was also my first time having X-rays taken, so that was an experience. I have a pretty small mouth and a terrible gag reflex, so it took awhile and totally sucked.

Things in dentistry have definitely changed since the last time I made a visit. They have this computer technology that allows them to look at the X-rays and see if any areas look sketchy. They can then use some analytical tool to see if the program thinks it might be a cavity or something. They pretty much map out what they think they'll see before I even open my mouth.

The exam itself wasn't too bad. I'm not a fan of being poked in the gums, but I'm tough. I learned that although I'd been away from professional care for ten years, I was looking ok. I had a few minor cavities, some plaque, and I need to floss. Not too bad.

I scheduled a deep cleaning appointment for the next day and went to work. And had a terrible headache all afternoon.

The deep cleaning was similar to what I remember from the last time I was at the dentist. They have this ultrasonic thing that blasts crap off your teeth. What was definitely new was the suction thing. No rinsing and spitting anymore. They suck the water out of your mouth with a hose. That took some getting used to.

I had my first of two filling appointments (one for each side of my mouth) last Tuesday. At 7 am. Once again, not too bad. My small mouth is a definite issue and most of the discomfort came from the streching and pinching rather than the drilling and filling. And Novocaine or whatever they shoot in my mouth to numb it? Weird. I'd never had that before either. Burns when you swallow though, so don't do that.

I took some tylenol as I went back to work and was ok for most of the day. Toward the end of the evening (I had an IMA meeting that night) I was starting to feel phantom vibrations from the drill and that was kind of painful, but by the next day it was pretty much gone.

I had the second appointment scheduled for Thursday but I took Wednesday off because I was sick and I still was sneezing and coughing too much on Thursday for me to be comfortable with someone sticking a drill in my face. So that's rescheduled for May 21st since I have vacation that whole week of Catherine's graduation anyway. Final step is a final cleaning in June.

Ok, that was a lie. Final step for the dentist is a cleaning in June.

I kind of omitted the whole oral surgeon part.

I knew going into this that the dentist was going to take one look at my mouth (or in this case, the X-rays) and say "out with the wisdom teeth!" (a la the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland.) The first thing out of his mouth when he looked at my full mouth X-ray was "you still have your wisdom teeth? How old are you?" Great. So, yeah, he referred me to an oral surgeon for a second opinion, but it's pretty much guaranteed that they'll want to take them all out. They're all in some state of decay and one or two are pretty close to nerves so it should be a good time. I have a consultation with the oral surgeon on Monday. Boo.

Jewelry Organization

A few weeks back I decided that I needed a new jewelry box. I had two - one for just earrings and another for necklaces, rings, everything else. My main problem was the box for necklaces opened on both sides, but I could only really use one because the other side opened into the wall. So I was left with three hooks for all my chains, which was annoying me.

I wasn't finding anything in the stores and Adam caught wind of my search. He went online, found some plans for a wood rack, consulted with his Dad, and a week later this is what he brought me:

The bottom has brass hooks for me to hang all my necklaces on:

The rest of the shelf is evenly spaced notches that are perfect to slip earrings into:

It's worked wonderfully and the cats don't seem to have gotten into it yet. The two issues have been that small studs get lost in the notches and hoops don't work with the notch system either so I've had to keep them in a separate container. Overall, though, a wonderful solution!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


2005 was a big year for me. I (officially) graduated from college. I started my “real” job. I bought a new car. And then, five years ago today I posted a blog entry that inspired a phone call that resulted in a decision. We sure dragged our feet on this one, but April 13, 2005 was the day Adam and I decided that we were, indeed, dating. Each other, that is.

We sure got down to business after that though. By September we had taken a week long road trip to New York without killing each other and moved in together shortly thereafter. As in the night we got back. That totally sucked. But let’s not relive the bad times, eh?

Anyway, Adam has introduced a lot of things into my life. Camping (though we’ve never had much luck.) Mexican Food. Chopsticks (which I like to think I might have started to get the hang of after our last visit to Katsu Ya.)

We’re very different people. Adam’s impulsive. I like to sit on things for awhile before I act. (Or, in other words, I procrastinate. A lot.) Adam likes to watch men in spandex throw each other around. I like to watch E! Adam thinks crab legs are the cat’s pajamas (good lord, SATC flashback!) I prefer eating a pound of potatoes. With lots of black pepper.

Not that it was even a competition, considering the previous record for a relationship in my life was three whole months, but I’d have to say that all in all this record-breaking relationship has been a good five years. It’s amazing how time just flies by.

(We still miss you terribly, Fr Mike!)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Rarely in Real Life

No real reason for this post other than to show everyone this:

On Easter we were up at Adam's uncle's house playing the Wii with his cousins. He apparently got bitten by the Wii bug and promptly went out and bought one. We created our Miis and this is my first attempt at Wii bowling. I think I did pretty well.

Reminds me of that one time I beat Adam in actual bowling...

And yes, this kind of thing happens so rarely I do take pictures every time. So I can bring them out every once in a while to remind Adam that I do sometimes have game.

Also, is anyone else a little creeped out by how much Adam's Mii looks like him?


So this was April 4th. Yay for spring and bunnies!

Then this was April 8th...

"Spring?" said Mother Nature. "You must be crazy. This is Wisconsin! Bwahahahahahahaha!"

Well played, Mother Nature. Well played...