Tuesday, October 05, 2004

October 2004

Friday, October 22, 2004

What the fuck. These computers on campus suck some major ass. I had written this whole kick-ass entry about all kinds of crap and then I went to open some e-mail thingy and it closed all my web browsers. Stupid piece of shit.
Ok, I'm calm now.
I don't remember what I wrote before, so oh well. Probably something about me being a loser and hating life. That's generally my train of thought. I'd better save this before it spontaneously closes on me again.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ugh, the thought processes I had to go through to write that date. When did my brain stop working? It's so sad.
Anyway...I'm in between classes. Oh how I love night classes. I wish all the classes I could take were night classes ***sarcasm dripping from the walls and ceiling*** I had two exams today. Not really too much to say about that. I can't say I'm putting a great deal of effort into my studies. Actually, I'm not putting a great deal of effort into much of anything these days. Except making out with guys. I seriously think I need to see a doctor or something. So, Monday we had an office visit over at CG. Then Kevin came down to visit again. Yeah. I was horribly tired (I had stayed up to watch the Vikings game on Sunday) and I probably wasn't the best company. So it goes. Then yesterday I had every intention of going to my history class. Really, I did. I just went to the computer lab to print out the lecture notes. Honest. But Steve was there and he convinced me to skip class and go back to my apartment for a bit. WHY!?!?!?! What is my problem? Granted, it is fun and all, but geesh. Maybe I'm having some kind of self-esteem episode and I'm looking for validation. Hmm. Or not. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm willing to listen to anyone who might have some insight.
OK, I know. The real issue is I need a boyfriend. I meant insight OTHER than that.
Anyway. I must part for now. *sob*

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Ok. So I had every intention of getting one of those free "blog" account thingys to make Evan happy. I even signed up and all that crap. I just don't like the way it works though. I prefer all this unnecessary work. :) I even wrote an entry there:
" It's a really crappy day. Dark, dreary, supposed to be cold and rain all weekend. Yay Wisconsin! And both presidential candidates are in my freakin' backyard today. They're going to shut down Hwy 41 probably right about the time I want to be heading home. Figures.
I'm not sure I've cured my "hormonal imbalance" although I've been doing enough crap lately, one would think it would begin to subside. Sigh. Kevin came down to visit me on Tuesday evening. We tried to rent porn, but he picked out this stupid documentary thing. (Ok, so maybe I had a little something to do with it. Maybe.) Heh. It's so sad. I can't even go rent porn right. Argh. Wednesday was CPA night. Good food, and hanging at a bar later with the "professionals." Damn, there are some HOT accountants. Mmmmm. But I behaved myself. Drank too much, was hung over, and skipped my history class Thursday morning, but behaved. :)
Then yesterday I had every intention of going to get a hair-cut and then cooking an extravagant and unnecessary dinner. Yeah. Well. I was minding my own business in the computer lab and Mike starts talking to me. He ends up coming over, helping me eat that aforementioned extravagant/unnecessary dinner, as well as a few other things. *ahem* He doesn't leave until like 9. So, I got nothing done. Sigh. I have problems.
But that's ok.
This weekend should be nice and boring. No plans, just work. I'll probably drink too much tonight and get nothing done. That's so sad. So it goes though."
Yeah. Wild times. And I DID drink too much last night. Oh well...

Monday, October 11, 2004

Argh. Hormones. Raging. At the speed of light. I need a boyfriend dammit. Nothing much to report. I need to get my ass in gear and get a damn job already. I'm working on it. There's just so much other stuff going on. Perhaps if I had a good sack session I'll be able to focus more.
There was a really hot guy working at McDonald's the other day. Mmmmm.
Anyway. I'm getting hungry. I'm on campus right now doing some stupid music analysis thing for my Music and Culture class. How annoying. I'm tired. But I need to get my resume out there. Argh. This sucks. Well that's about all I've got.

Monday, October 4, 2004

I swear to god, if that chick over there doesn't stop hacking up a lung soon, I'm gonna go strangle her. I HATE computer labs. They suck ass.

Sunday, October 3, 2004

Good God. What is my problem? I think I’m having hormone surges or something. It’s ridiculous. So, on Tuesday I was minding my own business in the computer lab on campus. Then a guy IMs me and we’re chatting. I’ve known this guy for 4 years now. He suggests we go in the elevator, ride up to the third floor (offices, no profs there this time of night) and fool around. Hmmm. I resist. He keeps persuading me. Finally I say, “What the hell” and log off and meet him outside the lab. Unfortunately the school must have thought ahead because they disabled the 2nd and 3rd floor on the elevator so we couldn’t go up there. Sigh. We then head over to the library. There’s an elevator there too. So, we make out in the basement of Polk. Why? I really couldn’t tell ya. I made it clear that I didn’t want to have sex with him. Apparently just groping at me was ok with him. Argh! Not that I didn’t have fun. I did. But what possessed me to do that? Grrr.
Ok. Then there’s today. Last night, a guy I met online a while ago calls to inform me that he’ll be in Oshkosh in the morning. Woo. He’s decided to come visit me if I so desire. So he calls me this morning and I go pick him up on campus. We come back here and hang out for a while. Watch SpongeBob. Talk. Make out. AAAHHHH! Once again, it’s not like I didn’t have fun. But seriously, what the hell. I really need a boyfriend or something to keep me under control. I guess this is what I get for trying to control my urges. They just creep up on me unexpectedly now. Dammit. It’s weird though. I still don’t really want sex at all. Just the occasional making out thing I guess. I think I miss that part of things. It was all so simple when sex wasn’t even part of the equation. Kissing is a lot of fun (when they don’t slobber all over me at least. Ewwwwww.) And let me tell you, being pushed up against the wall of the elevator was pretty fun too. Tee hee.
On a side note: the guy I had fun with this morning has a brother who works at K-Mart with me. Every time I saw his brother at work tonight, I just started giggling. How immature is that? Sigh.
Sometimes I worry that people think I’m a tease.
But then I get over it and realize I don’t care what they think.
I think maybe not having the internet at home will be a good thing. In case you haven’t noticed, most the stupid things I do (or have done) are the result of meeting people online. Dumb, dumb, dumb. There are a lot of weirdoes out there. A lot of horny bastards. And then there are the occasional decent, interesting people. I tend to get a lot more of the previous two than the latter one. But I guess time will tell. I might miss bitching at people in chatrooms. Good stress relief. I mean, just go into a Wisconsin chatroom, type “The Packers suck” and everyone will scream at you. It’s great.