Friday, November 05, 2004

November 2004

Monday, November 29, 2004

Added more pictures to the photo album of me with my hacked off hair. It's still doing weird things, but oh well. We're under a month now. Yes. I graduate. At 9:30 at Kolf. Come support me. Come bomb the building. Come do whatever you want. Or not. It's up to you.
I actually considered writing some kind of reply to the phone conversation that was had last night with my brother. Then I remembered I really don't care. I'm a supporter of the isolationist plan. Stay out of my life and I'll stay out of yours. :)
Have another interview lined up for Wednesday. Considering this is actually a job I want at a company I wouldn't mind working for, wish me luck :) Damn I need to get me a job. Although George told me today that I can stay at Presto through the end of this semester (which is actually in late January) and if I still haven't got a job, they will hire me on as a Presto temp for a bit. He really doesn't want to lose me :) It's rough being so important.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Good God. I have such a headache. I'm going to go home and take a nap. Right after I'm done staring at this computer screen for a little longer. I don't really have too much to say, but I figured it has been some time since I last wrote anything here. Been busy. Been lazy. What have you.
There is a relatively large spider crawling on the wall next to me. Eww. Good to see they clean these computer labs...
Still no job. Still working on that. That's about all I've got to say about that. Feeling crappy. Going home before the spider decides to attack me. (*Ack*)

Friday, November 12, 2004

Dammit. What is is about this day? All day at work I could have sworn it was the 13th. Now I just typed "11" instead of "12." Do I have some kind of bad karma with the number 12 or something? Creepy. Yeah, this whole day was pretty much one stupid/embarassing/pointless/painful thing after another. It was a Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day. Paper cuts, tripping over shit, dropping shit. It all happened. Many times.
Oh yeah, and my graduation clock was wrong (thanks Catherine.) It was counting down the days to December 12th. I graduate on the 18th. Don't ask me. I don't know how that happened. But it's fixed now. 36. Ugh.
Still no job. Got a random e-mail from some company I've never heard of asking me to apply. Ok then. That's weird. But their company website screams (and I do mean SCREAMS) FrontPage and they specialize in computer consulting services? *Sigh* I think not. Some people's children.
I'm kinda putzing here on campus. Once I go home, I know damn well all I'm going to do is eat, drink, and do nothing of any use. I need to get as much production out of me while I can. I've done my QBA homework (yay me!) and I hope to perhaps maybe send out a few resumes while I'm here. (Ha!) I'm so sick of trying to find a job. I don't have one yet. Maybe that's why.
Martha's Wish List:
1) A mixer so I can bake cookies. Yum.2) A slave. Ahem, I mean boyfriend.3) A job.
Yes, so there it is. My impressive wish list. I must be hungry. I do plan on cooking some stuff tonight. Maybe I'll go rent a movie. Nothing really good out though. Why waste the money? I don't know what I'll do. Call me. We'll hook up for some good times. Muahahahahahahaha.

Saturday, November 6, 2004

What is it with me and guys with kids? I do not like kids. I do not want to have kids. Ever. I do not want to be with a guy who has kids. Ever. Why can't I find a decent guy who can keep his wee wee in his pants dammit! Or at least keep it from impregnating someone. Argh.
So, here is sit on campus doing homework on a Saturday night. How sad. I'm so depressed. I bought my suit today so I'll look nice and ridiculous for my interview on Monday. Man, I hate interviews. Necessary to make a living though.
I have a headache. I'm hungry. I think I'll go home now.

Monday, November 1, 2004

Yes. That's right. No-fucking-vember. Where did the time go? Why don't I have a job yet? **loud screaming inside my head**
Ok, now with THAT out of the way...
Not really too much to say right now. I've been drifting on the boat in lah lah land again. I need to quit doing that. It doesn't accomplish anything. And I need to quit randomly making out with guys. But I digress. Haven't done that for a little while, although not by my choice. By my body's choice, if you catch my drift. ;) Ahem. Anyway. TMI, I know. I'm babbling. This is because I'm tired. I have been drinking too much Mountain Dew right before bed lately. This is bad both because of the caffeine content of said beverage, but also because I have to get up ten million times to pee during the night. And then my toilet won't stop running and it pisses me off at 3 am. Yeah. It's a good life. That stupid thing is really ticking me off lately.
Geesh, I have ADD tonight or something. I think my game plan is to go home and sleep. Screw this homework and studying shit. Of course, if some guy happens to show up...muahahahahaha. Not too likely, but it's a nice thought. After those, well, MONTHS of who knows what, this is the other extreme of hormonal imbalance. But that's ok. Live it up or whatever.