Friday, March 05, 2004

March 2004

Monday March 22, 2004

What is it about that Linkin Park song, Numb, that I like so much? Is it their screaming-like singing? Is it the rebel lyrics and attitude? Is it the weird background stuff? Maybe it's just the fact that the singer is cute. Although one can't really tell that from listening to the song. Friday March 19, 2004
Seriously, men, what is up with you lately? The past few days, I just can’t seem to escape outrageously annoying situations. I bring you to Tuesday evening. I invited someone to come hang with me for a bit. He says, “OK. I’ve got to take a shower but I’ll come right over after that.” He never shows. To his credit, this morning he had left me an offline telling me that his car broke down. But still. Sigh.
Then there was Wednesday. I had made plans on Tuesday to go out and have some fun in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. I get home from work and when I get in touch with the person I’d made plans with, he’s all, “I had a bad day at work and I don’t think I’ll be much fun to be around. I’m just gonna sit at home and wallow in my self pity.” Alrighty then. Another night down the drain.
Then there’s yesterday, Thursday. I had made plans to go to dinner with someone, but since he hadn’t called Wednesday night, I figured he found something better to do with his time. And that’s fine. I had no problem with that. But then he calls me around 6 and asks whether I want to go somewhere. Uhm. No. I already ate thanks. Plus, you didn’t call me yesterday to make the plans, so I didn’t expect to be going anywhere. Long conversation and many miscommunications later, he tells me he’ll call me back later. He’s gonna go to a friend’s place and watch a movie. Ok, fine. About 2 minutes later, he calls me back saying he’s changed his mind. So, what did I want to do? Geesh, boy. You just have a decision making complex. Then when he figures out I’m not interested in doing anything with him, he gets all, “Well I just gave up time with my friends for you, you ungrateful, selfish bitch.” And I inform him that he chose to tell his friends “no” all by himself. Then after some more miscommunications and highly unoriginal lyric quoting on his end, I find myself talking to his sister…for some reason…not quite sure. But I inform her that I’m hanging up and then proceed to do so. He calls back about a minute later. Not much is accomplished by this conversation either and I’m not really sure who hung up that time. I think it was me.
I was pretty ticked off by this time. So I went and did the dishes and then began to read some stuff from my auditing book. He calls back AGAIN about an hour later to ask if I was still “trippin’.” I inform him that I was NEVER “trippin’” and that’s he starting to get kind of annoying. He says, “So, that’s how it is.” Uh, yeah. Then I tell him that I’m not quite sure why he keeps calling back. He’s like, “you’re right” and hangs up on me. Nice. At least he didn’t call me a slut. LoL. Then the guy who ditched me on Wednesday keeps having indecision problems. First he’s “too horny” to come and take a walk with me, (although I don’t really see the connection…). Then all of the sudden he’s ok with it. Then he decides it’s probably not a good idea again. Gargh!
Alright, I admit it. I took a little poetic liberty with some of those direct quotes. But it’s more interesting this way, trust me.
I’ve started doing Tae Bo in the morning now. I mean after John tells me I’m fat, what else can I do? Sigh. That’s a whole other story. It’s kind of kicking my ass. (The Tae Bo that is.) I think my problem is that I don’t do the whole stretching thing after the kicking punching workout stuff. Then I’m sore the whole day. : ) Or maybe it’s just that I’m horribly out of shape. Yeah, that’s probably it. But after I finish my SpongeBob cookie dough ice cream, I’ll be on my diet. I just happened to have bought an extraordinary amount of ice cream (especially for someone who’s lactose intolerant, ahem) right before I decided to go on said diet. How ironic. But other than the ice cream, I’ve been eating fairly well. Tea in the morning. Sandwich at work for lunch. Fruit bowl, or in today’s case, carrots, for a snack. Last night I made rice and peas for dinner that turned out quite well. I just have to cut out the soda and other junk. And the goldfish crackers. I was banned from the goldfish by John. Makes me kind of sad since I was basically LIVING on them a few summers ago. But it’s probably better that way. They leave a funky taste in my mouth. I’m going to start eating wheat bread instead of white. I just finished the loaf of white this morning. I’m also going on a vegetable kick. I’m a fan of broccoli. I used to pretend I was a dinosaur and I had to go eat the trees. Whoa…creepy. That was a peek into my messed up childhood. No more fast food. All the good healthy things ya know. We’ll see how long this lasts. If it would ever warm up and quit raining, I plan to walk every evening too. But with WI weather, I’m not sure how well that part of the deal will go. But I exist on this earth to make John happy (har, har, har…dying of laughter) so I’ll do what I can. Plus, he’s got a point. I’m lazy and need to get out more. And my eating habits still suck even though I have a kitchen now.
I’m bored. I’m at work. This is Spring Break and since the other two interns here hopped off the Cancun and California, I ended up working a full week. Lovely. That’s my life. The guy I work for has been out of the office since Tuesday though. Seminars and vacation. He left me with a whole stack of things to do, but I’m done with all of that by now. So, that leaves me with nothing to do. I’m sure I can find something to do, but right now I’m just feeling lazy. I also get the feeling that my ranch dip for my carrots is stinking up the entire floor. LoL. Sweet. Office cube environments rock! I’d love to just say, “well, I’ve got nothing to do, time to go home,” but not only do I want the money, I’m sure there’s something I should be doing. Plus, I’m always paranoid that the one time I sneak out he’ll call me with something and I won’t be here. Not that it’s really that huge of a deal. I’m just an intern. But still. I’d feel bad. I mean, he called me once when I was in class and had turned my phone off. I didn’t turn it back on until a few hours later. But I still felt bad that I hadn’t called him back sooner. Even though it wasn’t a dramatically important issue anyway. I’m just paranoid and insecure. It’s not like they’ll fire me. I don’t think…
K-Mart on the other hand…Nah, they wouldn’t fire me either. They’ve been giving me really crappy hours, but I’m ok with that. There’s not much to do when I’m there except for fitting rooms and freight. I don’t really like people who work there either. Just a few service desk people and that’s it. Softlines has really been trimmed down. Not that we’re too busy anyway. Sigh. I do really like the new layaway system though. It’s actually connected to the other network of computers. Whoa. Welcome to the 21st century. Now if they could only figure out a way so we wouldn’t have to enter people’s names and addresses every single time they do a layaway. I mean, you don’t have to do that at WalMart…lol lol lol.

Thursday March 11, 2004

Have you ever done a search on your own name on yahoo or google or something? Well, being the lame person that I am, I decided to do just that. Here are the results. These numbers are just the results that were actually something to do with me:
Dogpile: 11Google: 4Yahoo: 5Hot Bot: 5Alta Vista: 2Lycos: 8Ask Jeeves: 10AOL Search: 4
Uhm. That was scary. I really have other things to be doing. Really, I do. But I'd much rather sit around doing worthless internet searches. :D

Tuesday March 9, 2004

Oh gosh...My HR class just keeps getting worse. We had our first exam last week. When we were taking the thing it was bad enough. She numbered things wrong and had some matching...6 questions with choices A-F. Ok, everyone knows there's no "F" on a Scantron form. Genius...So we got the exams back today. We spent the first 45 minutes or so trying to figure out why it seemed like everyone failed. Then she figured out that since there were 4 different versions of the exam, she must have run the answer key for the wrong version for about half of the class. Uh Duh. Then she kept confusing the dumber half of the class by saying "matching" instead of "multiple choice." Then she realized that she had only given one point for each matching question when they were really worth two. After that hoopla died down, she launched into a speech about how she was kind of disappointed in the test results. She whipped out this thing we had done the first day of class that listed goals we as students had set out for both ourselves and her. She came toe the conclusion that the reason we all sucked at the exam was because she had trust issues. She then went to another dimension all her own and told a very heart-warming story about her trust issue with her horse, Rosey, and how she hadn't yet been able to trust the horse enough to ride bareback, yet the formerly abused horse had been able to trust her after two years. I'm totally serious. She proceeded to start crying again. That took up another half an hour or so. After that, someone asked about this Job Analysis project thing we've got going on. After about 10 minutes of rummaging through the crate she carts around, she emerged with a transparency of something she got from a different professor. That was the end of the class. Seriously people. What the hell... She's a sweet lady and I think she's a good person, but she's not a good professor. She's trying, but just not getting there.
I bought a vacuum cleaner on Sunday. Finally got around to assembling it this afternoon. It works pretty well. Considering "we" hadn't vacuumed the floor since we've been was pretty scary. I got a Dirt Devil Breeze. 12 amp, bagless. It's kind of loud, but much more effective than the wussy power broom or whatever I had before. Now I can go on more productive hormone induced cleaning binges. :)
Next week is Spring Break. I keep forgetting that. Not that I'm doing anything too important. Just working...sitting around...hopefully doing homework and accomplishing things...possibly creating a love nest for a few hours sometime...John...Ahem...

Thursday March 4, 2005

So I registered. Yay. Also turned in my graduation applications. December 18th everyone. Remember to forget! Anyways, nothing much is going on in MarthaLand. What else is new? Oh yeah...I just said nothing. Short memory span...
I went on a cleaning binge this afternoon. Did dishes, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, mopped. The whole nine yards. Ok, maybe eight yards. I couldn't bring myself to vacuum my room. I need a bigger vacuum for that task. My little power broom can't handle that amount of scuzz. Not that anyone wanted to hear about my floor scuzz. :) Oh well. This is my website and I can say anything I want to.
Speaking of scuzz. John rather insulted me last weekend so there's no way I want anything to do with him for a while. If he wants to see me, he can call me. I know, I know. I've said this a gazillion times before and I always cave in and call him. Not this time. I was just so disgusted with him by the time I left last Saturday I wanted to kick his ass. Not a good thing. He can be such an asshole sometimes. Medication thins his blood so he can't get it up? What crap...

Tuesday March 2, 2004

I have an exam this morning and I've barely opened the books for the class. That's wonderful... I'm just completely apathetic. I just don't care. It's a stupid class that I don't want to take and will most likely never use. Grrrr. I registered for classes for next semester last night and the same goes for all of them. Not one of the classes I have to take to finish up my college education is in any way interesting to me. Ops Management? Music and Culture? Argh... But I must suffer through another 14 weeks of busy work and boredom and waste another $2000+ of my hard earned money to ultimately receive the stupid piece of paper that tells employers I rock. Dude, I already rock. Why couldn't they see that without all this hoopla?
This Sucks.